As a local business owner, you will almost certainly have heard of search engine optimisation (SEO), even if you do not currently use it yourself. SEO is the process of making web content more visible to search engines – and therefore to the users who are searching for your services. Through a range of methods such as content optimisation, social media interactions, paid advertising and more, you can ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and gets the online attention it deserves.

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With over 80% of the UK now using the Internet to look for products and services, it is more important than ever for companies to have an online marketing strategy. Even if you get all your custom from local people, they will still be using the Internet to seek you out. Unless you want to rely on your existing clients forever, you will need to embrace a digital strategy that brings in a new audience. You can do this by integrating SEO into your current online marketing plan. To ensure your SEO efforts have the best chance of success, seek the advice of an experienced search optimisation specialist and let them talk you through the necessary strategy.

If you own a local business and are losing out to your competitors, it might be because you are not visible enough on the Internet. Many customers now look for a service online, even if they plan to attend the physical premises later. If they cannot see your company, they will just skip to the closest search result that matches – this is likely to be one of your local rivals. So how can you make sure that it’s your service that catches their eye?

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SEO campaigns for local businesses focus heavily on the area you operate in because this is where your customers will come from. If you provide a local delivery service and have no intention of national travel, it is no use being found by people in a different county! You need to be appearing in local searches around your area, so that people know you can help them when they land on your site.

Local searches are much more important now that the mobile web is so popular. Locals and tourists alike will use their phones when out and about to locate businesses and services and they will usually pick the most convenient and relevant company from the top of the Google search results. Taking advantage of this on-the-go business is vital to local companies and you need to be ready to grab people’s attention quickly, pulling them into your service and making sure you secure the sale. To do this, you must be performing well in those search results – otherwise you are sure to be overlooked. If you can offer what searchers want, they will come straight to you.

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There are lots of ways to build a strong and successful local SEO campaign and to make sure your company ranks well in Google searches. Take advantage of local search traffic and stand out from the crowd – call us now on 01726 74161 or take a look around our site for more information and further SEO and digital marketing assistance.

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