If you’ve ever attempted to buy a used product online, you have likely checked the reputation of the seller. And that’s because successful transactions on the Internet are predicated on trust and assurance of quality.

Similarly, successful search engine optimisation is predicated on “quality,” but until recently, “quality” has been hard to quantitatively define. Of course, Google’s Search algorithm does precisely this. And some of the key ingredients to good content aren’t a secret: originality, newsworthy-ness, and work that convey expertise.

But now Google is taking this idea a step further with Author Rank. Author Rank seeks to ascribe a quality metric to the author of a post. In other words, the higher Author Rank, the more quality the post and the better the SEO outcome.

Moving forward, Google’s Author Rank will become another critical input to your Cornwall SEO strategy. So what do you need to make the most of Author Rank? First, a Google+ profile, and second, an author of compelling content.

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