Truly effective SEO is like an expertly-crafted watch. A watch tells time, and on the surface it seems like a relatively simple construction. Yet if you take the watch apart you see countless moving parts, hidden complexity, and an elegant design.

Similarly, certain companies mistakenly equate SEO with simply rolling out content, blasting it on Facebook, and moving on to the next thing. If this is your company’s Cornwall SEO, it pains us to say it won’t cut it. Because in reality – as you probably could have guessed by now – there is an underlying structure and architecture to it that, like watch-making, requires both commitment and precision.

Take, for example, your keyword structure and strategy. It would easy to simply assume a set of keywords, apply to the site as a whole. But in reality, certain keywords should map to specific components of your site. So you’ll want to focus on more sales-specific, action-oriented keywords on a landing page etc.

Doing so does two things. One it shows Google’s algorithms that there is a sound structure behind the cosmetic facade of your site. And two, it will help customers find the information they need quicker.

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