Search Engine Optimisation

90% of Online Businesses fail within the first 4 months. Why is this percentage so high? It is because of strong competition and unrealistic online expectations.

Everyone wants to be at the top but it doesn’t happen for everyone – especially with the online competition being so hot.

The Cornwall SEO Co. provides a new kind of localised SEO. We think of strategies that will not only help you rank, they will also provide positive leads and higher conversion rates for your business.

What’s SEO without results?
  • Page Ranking

    We will look at the rankings of your landing pages for each keyword. By closely monitoring them we can fix any problems immediately.

  • Website Visibility

    Once the rankings increase, your visibility increases. We make sure that your potential clients will easily find you when they need your products and services.

  • Website Traffic

    A website without traffic is nothing. We create ways to drive traffic to your website through creative content marketing and SEO efforts. We create relevant links on referring sites for your business.

  • Leads, Sales and Profits

    The Cornwall SEO Co. doesn’t just satisfy your rankings – we fulfil your sales goals. A high percentage of traffic, rankings and visibility can lead to more sales and bigger profits.

You and your competitors may be in the same industry at the same time but nothing is equal. Understand your strong points in order to raise your game – particularly your SEO game.

From small business to huge international corporations, we can create a unique and personalised SEO strategy just for your company’s needs and current website status. The Cornwall SEO... For a job well done.

Website Audit

Why is your site not ranking on the Search Engines?

There are plenty of possible reasons why your website is not ranking such as content, links or even the website itself. By digging deeper into your site we can pin point any problem areas.

A website audit is necessary to determine the credibility of your site from a search engine and human perspective. Including on-page enhancement and site structure analysis, an audit can determine the validity of your site with the help of different SEO tools.

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Fix Website Issues

Your website’s appearance is just the tip of the iceberg. As a team of keen observers, we can easily identify any problem areas and improve your rankings.

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Keyword Research

You need to be fluent in the language of your prospective clients. What keywords would they use to search for the services/products that you offer? Are your keywords relevant? Do your keywords generate traffic and profits?

Search engines base their results on the keywords, making keyword research a vital part of SEO. Your website needs higher rankings and more web traffic but this will only be possible if you are working on the right keywords.

The Cornwall SEO Co. finds the most profitable keywords to target.

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Competitor Analysis

Keep your customers close but your competitors closer. We will monitor the competition. Competitor analysis acts as a window into other SEO strategies, allowing us to determine which websites the traffic and links are coming from.

This process helps us to determine the keywords to target, the site to link from and the strategies to adapt for your SEO campaign.

Keep your customers close but your competitors closer.

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