It’s always interesting (though not always scientifically accurate) to draw analogies between the “brick and mortar” and digital world, particularly with regards to customer shopping habits and how it can inform your Cornwall SEO.

So, to that end, let’s say you’re a shopfront operation. You have the choice of two customers entering your shop. One, a customer who did their research, knows your company, and more or less knows what he or she wants. Your second choice: a customer who happens to randomly walk in. Perhaps they were simply curious; either way, there was no premeditated effort involved.

Which of the two customers would you prefer?

The former, naturally: one who has intent to purchase because, so the thinking goes, they’ll be more inclined to purchase something.

Well the data suggests that this same phenomenon applies in the digital world. The digital marketing firm HubSpot stated that natural search visitors – generated through search engine optimisation – have the best “lead-to-customer close percentage” compared to other channels (like social media or referrals.)

In other words, the customers you generate through SEO are more likely to purchase goods. We can’t think of a more convincing argument for SEO than that.

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