Today we’d like to return to a recurring theme on this blog; the ongoing challenge of allocating resources towards paid advertising versus organic search generated through search engine optimisation. As a Cornwall SEO company, we see this challenge – weighing the pros and cons of both advertising options – discussed in client meetings.

One of the benefits of paid advertising is that the ad is guaranteed to be shown to would-be customers. The bad news, however is the obvious inference that just because the ad is shown, there is no guarantee the viewer will click on it, much less purchase a product or service.

This lack of conversion can be traced to many things: an unappealing ad, ineffective web copy, poor keyword selection, etc. Suddenly the ease of a “guaranteed” display isn’t so easy: there are a whole host of opportunity and financial costs associated with paid advertising that can eat away at your investment.

Throw in the fact that 92 percent of viewers choose natural search over paid advertising and suddenly the benefits of organic SEO become abundantly clear.

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