We wish we could say we thought up an ingenious analogy to describe the relationship between Google Search and company search engine optimisation efforts. Rather, let us look at the basics. With close to 75 percent market share, Google Search is the undisputed leader in its field. As such, everyday countless companies strive to improve their search rankings to, quite naturally, boost exposure and reach new customers.

If it were that simple, a very basic analogy along the lines of “follow the leader” would apply. But it isn’t that simple. And that’s because every day Google is changing the rules of the game. They are tweaking their algorithm or rolling out new services. All of this, naturally, can affect your Cornwall SEO strategy.

For example, Google search results are increasingly becoming industry-specific. Take this article, which shows how hotels now have to navigate Google’s new Hotel Finder and Google+ Local Listings (formerly Google Places.) This, of course, is in addition to Google Search itself.

It’s a highly complex landscape that requires specialised attention and a methodical and consistent embrace of compelling content, sound Web architecture, and intelligent link-building.

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