St ives

Cornwall: Light at the end of the Tunnel

Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on Cornwall’s tourism industry – which has already lost around £3 million this year as a result of the lockdown. Now tourism leaders say 80% of local businesses, who rely on tourists, are in danger of collapse if we don’t see a return to business as usual in July and August. U…


Improved SEO: Why NOW is the Perfect Time

The current Coronavirus outbreak is presenting challenges for businesses in all sectors – but if you think about it, surely now is the perfect time for companies to improve their SEO? Although the lockdown situation is tough, it presents a good opportunity to improve page…

St Piran

St Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall and Cornish tin miners. The legendary saint lived in the 5th century AD and was said to have performed many miraculous deeds. This is why St Piran’s Day is celebrated across Cornwall on 5th March each year…

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