Google AdWords

If you’re new to the world of search marketing, Google AdWords is something you need to embrace – used properly, Google’s own advertising service can be your most cost-effective online marketing method, after organic traffic.

It enables businesses to place search results for their website at the top of a search engine results page by paying for them. This means it’s not necessary to wait for your website to work its way up the rankings. See immediate results by using paid search – it’s not as difficult as you may think.


Pay Per Click

Google AdWords is based on a paid search known as Pay Per Click – a term used for advertising within a search engine’s listings. The paid adverts usually appear right at the top of the SERP and even better, they look increasingly similar to the organic results.

Pay Per Click has multiple benefits – it offers quick entry at the top of the search engine results page and the results you achieve are easy to track and measurable. It provides plenty of useful data and works well in conjunction with other marketing channels.

Using Google AdWords also enables you to choose your preferred method of reaching your customers. The options are text-based search adverts, graphic display ads, in-app mobile ads or YouTube video ads. This gives businesses plenty of options for reaching target customers.

The way it works is straightforward; people search for specific products or services using search terms or keywords. If your chosen keywords match what users are looking for, your paid advert will appear above or next to the organic Google search results.

When potential customers click on your ad, they are taken to your website to find out more information or to make a purchase.


Google Analytics

Turn insights into action with Google Analytics, giving you stronger results across your website and other marketing channels. Marketing analytics products are available, whatever the size of your business, enabling you to understand your customers better.

Google Analytics provides you with the digital tools you need to analyse data from all of your marketing channels conveniently, in one place, enabling a detailed understanding of the complete customer experience. Then, these insights can be shared with the relevant people, departments or the whole organisation.

This helps you to build a complete picture, understanding the people using your website and app and enabling you to evaluate the performance of your products and your website’s content. Google Analytics works with Google’s other media and publisher products, enabling businesses to drive real impact by using their digital analytics insights.


Preparing your campaign

A major part of preparing your advertising campaign is making sure you carry out the relevant keyword research. The AdWords Keywords Planner tool provides keyword ideas to build your campaign, starting by searching for words or phrases that are relevant to your products or services.

Keyword Planner will find the keywords that are most appropriate for your business, enabling you to choose the keywords you prefer and add them to your plan. You can compare keyword trends to find out how often people search for certain keywords and how the volume of searches changes over time.

You can create a plan with your preferred keywords or start choosing better alternatives. The idea is to constantly keep tabs on your advertising campaign, analysing trends and moving with the times to keep ahead of the game.


AdWords benefits

One of the major benefits of Google AdWords is the fact you will have measurable results at your fingertips, thanks to the ongoing analytics. Every aspect of your marketing campaign will be measurable including the number of clicks, the conversion rate, the cost per acquisition and the return on investment.

It is also a cost-effective means of advertising – you pay only when someone clicks on your advert and you can decide exactly how much you wish to spend. Google works by presenting the most relevant results when responding to a user’s search query and several factors are considered when the advert’s ranking is determined.

It’s not all about spending the most money on your campaign – if your website and landing page are of a high quality and more relevant to a search query than a competitor’s website, then the user’s experience will be better if they are directed to your advert, rather than your competitor’s.


Dedicated team

When you have a dedicated team to regularly optimise your campaigns, including fine-tuning the adverts and keywords, your campaign’s performance will be maximised in such a way that your cost per click will gradually decrease.

With our great knowledge of Google AdWords, The Cornwall SEO Co. can help to support your business. Our expertise has been built over many years’ experience in the digital marketing industry. Please contact us today to find out how our professionals deliver effective digital marketing campaigns with measurable results.

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