The current Coronavirus outbreak is presenting challenges for businesses in all sectors – but if you think about it, surely now is the perfect time for companies to improve their SEO? Although the lockdown situation is tough, it presents a good opportunity to improve page rankings.

There’s less competition at the moment, with some businesses closing – and those who wish to survive need to make changes to their SEO strategy to bring in enough clients to stay afloat during a difficult economic period.

In just three months, COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of our day-to-day life. Just as we’ve had to make changes in the way we behave, we must make similar changes to our SEO strategy to adapt to the new situation. Each business needs to make both short and long-term SEO adaptations as part of their response to the crisis.

Why is SEO so important?

Even though you’ll have heard many times how important Search Engine Optimisation has become as a digital marketing tool, this has never been more true!

This is a very difficult situation for people all over the world, with the consequent financial repercussions from the virus hitting some businesses particularly hard. Normally, companies will check whether Google has made any significant updates to its search algorithms.

Today, SEO experts are seeing unusual traffic patterns as a result of the changes caused by Coronavirus. Both consumers’ shopping habits and businesses’ operational strategies have changed, leading to vastly different traffic patterns. The key is to decipher the traffic patterns to improve SEO for future benefits.

How can businesses benefit?

In the words of American billionaire businessman, Michael Dell, founder of the $35 billion computer company, Dell Inc: “There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.”

Even though the world’s economic climate looks bleak, whether you’re an SEO professional or a business owner, you should be looking to do everything within your power to make the most of the current situation.

SEO is significant because it makes your website more visible, leading to more traffic and a greater opportunity to convert prospects into customers. It’s the key to increased brand awareness and helps businesses to build relationships with prospects.

How can we plan for SEO?

Businesses need to be increasingly mindful of their overall performance and budgets due to the significant changes in economic behaviour: it’s almost impossible to predict how long COVID-19 will continue to be a problem and the subsequent economic impact.

What everyone CAN do is to be aware of how SEO fits into both short and long term marketing strategies. Businesses can plan effectively for SEO during this uncertain period. The bottom line is that if your prospective customers are searching in Google, or any other search engine, to find your products and services, you need an SEO strategy.

Content plays a key role in SEO because it’s a means of reaching and engaging your audience. For example, if you owned a landscape gardening business and wanted to increase your visibility, publishing a series of blogs containing tips on plant species and how to grow them could help – if someone wanted information about gardening and they looked online, when your blog came up, this could be the start of building a relationship with this prospect.

How can The Cornwall SEO Co help?

We set up The Cornwall SEO Co to assist local businesses!

Our experts are on hand to help you reach your goals, with effective SEO services that can help you create a strategy to produce future benefits, so that when things get back to normal, your business will have every advantage already in place.

Google rankings determine the most relevant aspects of a product/service at the present time, building on this information. The COVID-19 outbreak has produced some results in SEO that we would anticipate, such as the World Health Organisation having increased organic visibility, for example. Some businesses have said the changes have had such an impact that it’s felt like there has been a Google algorithm change.

Some interesting trends are emerging, such as sites offering video workout classes –  this has become the biggest winners in the organic market share. As a natural progression, increasing numbers of people are forced to stay at home and keep fit without going to the gym.
If you would like someone to talk you through your options, please contact us or email us at We can help your business to succeed!

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