Technical SEO

Mastering the technical side of SEO can make the difference between your website’s ultimate success or failure. If technical issues are present, these can significantly lower your search ranking – or even make your website invisible to Google and other search engines.


What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is referring to the work done on your website, apart from the content. It means laying strong foundations to give your content the best opportunity to rank highly for relevant phrases and keywords.

Aside from technical issues lowering your website’s search ranking, they can also incur penalties – problems such as duplicate content, a forgotten no-index tag, excessive H1 tags, a faulty robots.txt file, slow-loading pages, 404 errors, or low value pages can create a disaster in ranking terms for your site.

Having a technical SEO audit quickly identifies any issues that may affect your ranking, making sure your site is compatible with search engine guidelines. Read on for some tips on how to ensure your technical SEO is enhancing your website…


Have you mastered the basics?

Mastering the basics means implementing fundamental optimisation techniques to improve your pages’ potential ranking. This can include writing unique little tags, including a keyword phrase, to accurately describe the page’s topic. Include the keywords appropriately in headings, subheadings, URL and the body of the copy. Take into account that title length has been expanded recently, with search engine results containing up to 75 characters


Can your pages be indexed?

Your pages might be blocked by Google by mistake unless they can be indexed. Check their status by using the Index Status report in the Google Search Console. Also, use the site errors and URL errors reports to locate any problems. Check your robots.txt file to see whether any of your pages have been disallowed.


Is your website secure?

Google has indicated it favours sites encrypted with HTTPS – so if you haven’t done so already, switch your site to HTTPS by using SSL to provide encrypted communication with the server.


Is your meta data optimised?

Sometimes, a NoIndex meta tag, inserted when pages are crawled, can block Google. A technical site audit will enable you to see whether your meta data is being optimised. Check the source code of each page that you want indexed and run the relevant auditing tools to test all your meta data’s current status.


Have you checked your link profile?

Earning links from trusted domains can influence your search success – carry out a backlink audit using Google Search Console, while looking for new link opportunities.


Is site speed optimised?

Faster sites are favoured by search engines, while potential visitors will often navigate away from slower sites. Using speed testing tools will evaluate your site, and optimum performance will be achieved by reducing image file sizes, evaluating WordPress plugins, removing redirect chains and speeding up your JavaScript.


Have you ditched duplicate content?

Duplicate content can threaten your ranking and dilute the authority of your primary URL. Use the canonical link tag to point to the primary URL when pages contain similar content.


Have you removed low value pages?

Although you may feel you benefit from campaign-specific landing pages, unless they contain original, rich content (and relevant keywords) they may have the opposite effect, so remove them from the index.


Does your site have useful links?

Search rankings improve as a result of a carefully-planned, internal link structure. Use descriptive anchor text and ensure links feature the same keywords as the page they are linking to.


Are you optimised for mobile devices?

Google has a “mobile first” indexing approach, so the importance of appearing in mobile searches can’t be over-emphasised. Ensure your site is updated to feature a responsive design to create a great experience, no matter what the screen size. Use Google Search Console’s testing tool for a mobility usability report.

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