Every business, no matter how small, needs a basic, professional website that’s optimised for search engines to attract new business. A tool like WordPress can help a small business owner get started at a relatively low cost.

Thanks to its many plugins and themes, WordPress can enable each website to be customised quickly and easily, expanding its functionality, without any programming knowledge. It has been helping business owners to run websites since 2003.

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As an open-source publishing platform, it’s the most popular content management system on the web today, powering around 30% of websites of all sizes. WordPress continues to be free of charge, with hundreds of volunteers continually creating new software code to produce improvements.

For a business owner who doesn’t have enough time to set up a WordPress website themselves, it’s easy to find someone who will build them a professional website at a cost-effective price.



Anyone who is unfamiliar with how WordPress works may not appreciate its many advantages. There are literally thousands of themes available, enabling users to change their website’s theme quickly. There are in excess of 10,000 available plugins, adding a multitude of functionality to any website. Think SEO, photo slideshows, social media sharing and more.

The websites are also easy to update and once set up, your website can be updated at any time, publishing new articles that are crucial for engaging with visitors and for search engines.

As WordPress sites are updated frequently, with well-structured content, it’s not difficult to get a WordPress site high up the Google ranking, compared with a static website.

So who are its major users? Read on to find out about the websites you probably didn’t realise are powered by WordPress…


  1. Reuters

The global news site provides opinion pieces through a selection of blogs that are powered by WordPress. The pages, which are simple and clear to read, enable visitors to navigate to a particular columnist with ease. They are also able to comment on the articles.


  1. Facebook

The global social networking site uses WordPress to showcase the latest news. The fact that a massive enterprise such as Facebook chooses WordPress surely speaks volumes about the respect it has in the business world.


  1. Sony Music

Fans can stay informed through Sony Music’s WordPress-powered blog, reading up on what their favourite stars are up to. The blog relates music industry news and features a scrolling slider at the top, with links to various artists, so you can go to websites with more information on them.


  1. Vogue

The iconic fashion magazine Vogue uses a WordPress site to manage its content. The large, vibrant images have only a small amount of text and it loads very quickly, looking bright, modern, professional and sleek.


  1. Mercedes-Benz

The luxury vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz uses WordPress, which is a testament to its versatility. Any car enthusiast who is looking to open an e-commerce website to sell accessories or cars online should look to Mercedes-Benz for inspiration to see how stunning it can look.

Filled with collaboration and innovative features, so it can be used by everyone from the smaller bloggers to massive international companies, WordPress is truly amazing. With so many different aspects of designing and building a WordPress website, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

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