Web Design and Development

Whether you run a small or large business, developing your own website is essential to the greater exposure of your brand, expanding on the geographical limits of your company.

Many companies use advertising and marketing strategies to gain traffic but are these enough? A website should be designed and built depending on the requirements, not just of the business but also of the user. A unique website, delivering the ultimate visiting experience to prospect clients, is vital.

The Cornwall SEO Co. creates, designs and develops made to measure websites that are both appealing to search engines and humans alike. Experienced in all aspects of web design and development, including SEO, URL optimisation, device responsiveness and more, we can confidently align your website so that it is search engine conscientious.

Device Responsive and Unique Design

Viewing a website from a desktop compared with a mobile device is a completely different online experience. It is important that your website is responsive to different devices, since there is a rapid increase in smartphone users. Websites MUST be mobile-friendly.

Why is it important to have a unique and Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

  • A responsive web design cuts the development costs of the ‘desktop’ and ‘mobile’ version of a website
  • Internet traffic from mobile searches is high. Join the trend or get left behind!
  • RWD gives a prime website viewing experience for site visitors
  • Unique designs give identity to your site and can develop your reputation

For your site to enhance your Internet presence it should be unique and device responsive. The Cornwall SEO Co. is proud to create aesthetically appealing and responsive websites, delivering a smooth online experience when using various devices including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • MacOSX
  • Windows

Sit back and relax while The Cornwall SEO Co. crafts your 100% bug-free and user-friendly site for the big launch!

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User Friendly Frameworks/CMS

Websites are naturally tricky. Visitors should love your site for its user-friendliness:

  • We will develop your site to increase its learnability, efficiency and visitor satisfaction
  • We will make sure that everything runs smoothly for everyone who visits your website
  • We will improve site navigation and speed it up
  • We will make sure that everything is readable

First impressions are the only impressions… right?

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SEO Friendly Design

It is not enough that your site is human-friendly, it should also tug on the search engines’ heart strings.

  • An SEO-friendly site is structured for both search engines and site visitors
  • An SEO friendly site will increase the visibility of your site
  • You will likely gain more conversions from an SEO friendly site

The Cornwall SEO Co. embraces tried and tested website development methods, including:

  • Efficient formatting
  • Flash elements
  • Image production
  • Integration of various social media outlets
  • JavaScript
  • Keyword analysis
  • URL structures
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Design Efficiency

Most Internet users have a limited attention span, with them demanding on-site efficiency. Your site should not only be unique but also design effective. Information should be available in a clean and simple format so that it may be easily absorbed by the user.

Ensuring safe and efficient designs as standard, we offer different options for your website including:

  • Auto-responder
  • Anti-spam feature
  • Security features
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URL Optimisation

A clean and optimised URL can increase the usability of a website. As a result, search engines will be able to:

  • Better analyse your website
  • Reward your site with a better search engine ranking
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