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The importance of an online presence is the key to a business’s success at the best of times, so it takes on even greater relevance during the current challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadly, not all businesses understand the importance of going digital.

It has become increasingly important to have an online presence because of the massive number of people using technology to go online on a regular basis. In fact, around 4.66 billion people were active internet users, comprising 59% of the global population, as of October 2020.

According to Statista, there were 4.1 billion social media users by the end of 2020 – up from 3.4 billion in 2019. Analysts suggest this is as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns all over the world forcing more people to stay at home.

How many businesses use digital marketing?

Businesses are using social media for marketing; tapping into an ever-growing audience to take advantage of the rapidly rising number of people who are browsing sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a small business and you’re not going digital, you’re seriously losing out to your competitors and missing out on a massive chunk of the market.

Despite the obvious benefits of digital marketing strategies, a large number of UK businesses aren’t using this to reach their full potential. Only around 70% of UK businesses of all sizes have a presence on at least one social network – up from 41% in 2012, but still not enough. Only 32% write a regular business blog – up from 23% in 2012.

Why should businesses go digital?

Going digital can quickly increase brand awareness with far less effort than traditional non-digital marketing campaigns. Thanks to websites, social media, blogs, testimonials, reviews and other online content, consumers can research everything they want to know about a brand, product or service. People can make a purchasing decision before a brand is even aware of the prospects’ existence.

It’s never enough to write and publish great content and hope people find it. If they don’t, you’ve wasted your time, so you need to be proactive. You need digital marketing so people can make enquiries and hopefully make purchases – this particularly helps SMEs to meet their goals.

Social media marketing can help to raise brand awareness, create a positive brand identity, increase website traffic, build conversions and improve interaction and communication with your audience. Combined with paid advertising, having a website and a social presence can help you to keep pace with the changes in public purchasing behaviour as a result of the lockdown.

Going digital presents every business owner with a tool to transform the way they carry out marketing, leading to a brighter future that works better for companies and consumers. This is a critical point for everyone and we need to reimagine our future. Technology can create great opportunities if it’s used in the appropriate way.

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